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How to Set Up Your JTA Account

Hello, Board Members! It's finally time for Jeff's web store debut! We've been working hard all summer to get things ready for you, and on Monday, September 6 at 7PM, it'll finally be time to start shopping! As of right now there are over 100 products for sale, and I have a stack of last minute items I'll be uploading as soon as I finish publishing this post. While we have several collections set up, essentially, we have three categories:

  • Products ready to ship right now (limited stock)

  • Products made to order (unlimited stock, will take 2-3 weeks to fulfill)

  • Custom orders

What I'd like to help you with today, though, is setting up your JTA account so you have a better shot at getting some of those limited stock items. You don't HAVE to have an account to shop, but being able to log in will enable you to shop faster and more efficiently, which might mean you're able to snag those limited stock items you're wanting.

Your JTA account can store as many addresses as you want to list, set a default address, store credit card information, and even allow you to set up your profile with a photo and banner heading just like Facebook, if that's something you'd like to do. Here's what my profile looks like.

Setting up an account is easy: you just click the login button on the upper right hand side of the menu on, and then you follow the prompts. But because we’re trying to make this as easy as possible for you, we also made a video guide!

If you still have questions after watching the video, you can email me ( and I’ll help walk you through. (I’ll be out of town Friday through Sunday, though, so ask me today or tomorrow!) I can also do brief phone calls or text chains with you as well if requested.

Making an account has a lot of advantages. As mentioned above, being able to log in with one click allows you to shop faster and more efficiently. You can also sign up for email alerts, which means when Jeff has a new show or a new item, you’ll be the first to know, even if you weren’t on social media that day. If you RSVP to events, you’ll get reminders when the time comes closer to attend, and you’ll also find out if the hours or dates change. And yes, someday we might even have a private JTA forum! But not this year. We’re too busy making great products for you and finding new ways to get them to you!

We hope you’re as excited for the website debut as we are! See you on the 6th!

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