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Getting to know more about Jeff

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hello there, and welcome to Jeff's blog! Since we don't want to take Jeff away from his painting, this will be run by Jun, Jeff's assistant, or as he likes to call me, "the front office." Here's the thing, though: I've known Jeff since 1995, he's my spouse's best friend, and he's the godparent to my only child. I know a LOT about this guy. And yes, I will absolutely spill all the tea! Like, did you know Jeff spent some time as a Chippendale dancer in the 80s?

Okay, so this is obviously photoshopped. It is from a small part of a card (more of a booklet) we made for Jeff's 40th. There are some doozies in there! But I have plenty of real photos. Like what about the time Jeff walked down my street as Glinda the Good Witch?

What about this vintage Jeff and Caryle when they weren't even dating yet?

He had so much more hair then... (kidding, it's a wig.)

I could show you old pictures all day, and who knows what else will show up in this blog? Watch this space...and leave a comment about what behind-the-scenes stuff about Jeff and his work you'd like to see!

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